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Sport Development

H5F Sport Development

The Phoenix programming series and Summer Camps depends largely on effective partnership and networking with a wide range of community groups and service providers. Together, we develop and implement fun, inclusive and developmentally appropriate sport development programs for GTA children and youth. 

Phoenix Small Ball Development Program

Phoenix Small Ball Basketball Development (PHXSB) program is a subsidized 8-week basketball development program for children ages 5-12 years of age. Sessions are led by qualified H5F coaches and mentors and focus on dribbling, passing, shooting, agility, teamwork, self-discipline and patience.

Summer Sports Camp

The Summer Sports Camp is a subsidized 8-week soccer and basketball camp for children 8-12 years of age. Participants focus on strengthening their soccer and basketball skills under the leadership and guidance of qualified camp counsellors.

Phoenix Basketball Development and Mentorship Program

Phoenix Basketball Development and Mentorship Program (PHXD) – The Phoenix Basketball Youth Mentorship Program is a subsidized 10-week basketball development and mentoring program for youth. Mentoring sessions focus on life-skills development and school engagement. Sessions are led by H5F staff and volunteers. Together, we shed a bright light on the direct connection between pro-sports and education. Using basketball training and development as the catalyst, we teach participants how to develop healthy lifestyles and how to prioritize their academics. Facilitators are skilled in teaching participants how they can apply on-court principles, such as: leadership, endurance and problem-solving skills to improve their academics and become leaders in their communities.

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Sport Development